Thursday, December 2, 2010


How come when you talk to a man they assume you belong to them? I can't have a casual relationship with out strings attached. Come on MANN! Get real. I'm pretty and smart and got a good job; why can't that be enough? I'm not expecting anyone to leave their girlfriends and marry me. All I want is a friend to chill with. You know..laugh and be stupid with. Now I'm told to stay off the computer because I must be chatting with boyfriends. WTF? If I wanted a boyfriend Id have one and he would live with me in my home and we would be having sex whenever. Well...I'm fine with being single and humping whoever I want to. I'm at the point in my life that I realize There are more than one man to fulfill my needs. I have the oh so passionate lover that I've known all my life and i can give my body and heart to, just not my life. I have the other others but thats all that is. So now I'm his girl and can't be myself. Never. never. I just got outa of being with a tyrant for 5yrs. Mom didnt raise an idiot. Hey your loss buddy! I'm gona sleep well and still have my life tomorow.

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